4th July TV deals

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4th July TV deals are one of the best things about everyone’s favorite all-American holiday (unless you’re British). If you can tear yourself away from stuffing your face at the BBQ, and are still sober enough to make rational financial decisions, then take a look at the following items from the best 4th July TV sales available from online retailers right now. Just think about this time next year when you could be wrapped in the Stars & Stripes and watching The Patriot on your new 4K QLED smart TV / 8K OLED TV / whatever tickles your fancy.

Where can I find the best Independence Day TV deals?

This year Best Buy has some of the hottest 4th July TV deals, though also be sure to check out Amazon and Newegg as well. We’ve picked the best of all of these below.

Samsung QLED 4th July TV deals

Sony QLED 4th July TV deals

Hisense LED 4th July TV deals

LG OLED 4th July TV deals

Vizio QLED 4th July TV deals

Furrion outdoor TV 4th July deals

What could be more American than kicking on your lawnchair with your feet up, burger in hand, watching the big game with your friends and family on your new outdoor TV screen, with sun glare protection? The answer is – not much – so buy one now!

4th July TV stand deals

There’s no use buying a brand spanking new TV if you’ve nothing to put it on. Take a looksie at some 4th July TV stand deals below.

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