31 FUN Home & Outdoor Birthday Photoshoot Ideas!

Are you looking for some birthday photoshoot ideas?

Here you’ll find everything to capture beautiful pictures of your next birthday, whether you’re turning 15 or 50.

You’ll also find some helpful tips if you’re a photographer preparing to do a birthday photoshoot for a client.

So, let’s dive into the ideas!

31 Simple Birthday Photoshoot Ideas for 2022

1. Make a BTS

Credit: Pavel Danilyuk

Capturing behind the scenes is a great birthday photoshoot idea. You can photograph how they make the birthday cake, set up the balloons and decorations for the party, etc.

2. Use balloons for a pop of color

Credit: Adi Goldstein

Balloons are a must-have on any birthday photoshoot. You can use them as props, backgrounds, or as the photo’s main subject.

The best thing about them is that they come in so many colors that you can choose whichever works best with the color palette of the photo session.

3. Try a flat-lay for your invitation

Credit: Lidya Nada MD

Let all your friends know that you’re having a birthday celebration using a photo invitation. You can use flat-lay photography to set the mood using the right light and props.

For example, if you’re planning a picnic, you can include real flowers and take the photo using natural light.

4. Use masks and other selfie accessories

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Even if it’s not a costume party, it’s always fun to have masks, hats, and other accessories to dress up during a birthday photo shoot.

If you look for selfie packages, you can find very affordable ones made on paper, but you can get as fancy as you like with more elaborate accessories.

5. Selective focus

Credit: Katerina Holmes

A birthday party can be a bit messy, which translates into very busy images where it is sometimes difficult to highlight a specific thing. Using a narrow depth of field, you can blur everything that’s not important for that moment.

Some birthday photoshoot ideas using selective photos can be a shot of the candles or cake toppers, a birthday card on top of the presents or just some paper confetti.

Remember that you can control the depth of field with the aperture, the focal length, and the distance between you and the subject. Check out this guide to learn more about using depth of field with your photography.

6. Drone photography

Credit: Kindel Media

Drones can get some amazing shots of any event – this could include a birthday photoshoot. However, flying a drone is not always easy or legal.

You can contact a professional photographer who will have the knowledge and proper license to do this.

If you want to take the birthday photos yourself, get informed ahead of time on which types of drones you can fly as an individual because this can vary from one area to another.

7. Candid photos

Credit: August de Richelieu

While a birthday portrait ensures you get everybody’s best side, you really need to be on the lookout for some candid photos – this is how you capture the emotion and the mood of a birthday party.

8. Close-ups


Wide shots are great to capture the ambience of the birthday party, the guests, and the action. However, you can complete the story with the details.

For example, you can make a close up of the hands toasting with champagne glasses.

9. Headshots

Credit: Ivan Samkov

If you’re out of birthday photo shoot ideas, you can always go with the classics – a headshot. Choose a neutral or a colorful background and give it a try. Don’t make it too serious, though!

10. Freeze the action


Capturing moving subjects always create impactful images. Some ideas during a birthday photoshoot can be a confetti toss, opening the champagne, dancing or blowing the candles.

Keep in mind that you need a fast shutter speed, so use the camera in manual mode or shutter speed priority mode.

Also, use the continuous shooting mode to make sure you get the perfect moment – you can do this even if you’re using your smartphone camera.

11. Change perspective

Credit: Ivan Samkov

Most people take their photos while standing and holding the camera (or phone) at face level. If you do this throughout the entire birthday photoshoot, you’ll end up with very static photos.

If you want more dynamic birthday photos, get high up and down on the ground. Change your perspective and move around to find more creative ways to approach things.

12. Build a booth

Credit: Pixabay

A photo booth is always a great idea for a birthday photo shoot. Some professional photographers have them as a special offer together with their services to cover the event.

Otherwise, you can build a photo booth yourself. You’ll need a background – which can be a simple solid backdrop, or you can add texture using flowers or balloons – then provide some props for people to have fun with.

Finally, put a tripod and a light in front, and you’re ready to go.

You can leave a camera on the tripod or use a tripod with a phone holder so that people can use their phones to take the pictures.

13. Picnic outdoor photoshoot

Credit: Ron Lach

One of the best birthday photoshoot ideas, especially for kids, is to set up a picnic outdoors. This way, the children will be free to run and play, and it will be easier to capture them happy and relaxed.

If possible, whenever you organize a birthday photoshoot outdoors, do it in the late afternoon to have soft, warm light. Otherwise, set up on a shade or wait for an overcast day – this will help you avoid hard shadows.

14. POV

Credit: Kampus Production

A cute birthday photo shoot idea for a baby’s birthday party is to set the camera down on the ground and have the family and friends looking down at it. This will give the impression of the baby’s point of view.

15. Draw attention to the celebrated

Credit: Kampus Production

Photographing an event isn’t as easy as it might look. Sometimes with all the people, it’s challenging to make a good picture where you know who’s special day is it.

There are a few techniques that can help you. First, you can pose the people in such a way where the celebrated is in the center, or you put them at a different height than the rest.

You can also apply some of the photography composition rules to help guide the viewer’s eye through your pictures.

16. Travel

Credit: Andrea Piacquadio

Did you know that you can hire a photographer to capture your vacations? To celebrate your birthday, you can travel to your favorite city – whether you do it alone or with your closest friends – and have your birthday photo shoot on the go.

17. Professional photoshoot

Credit: Maksim Goncharenok

A birthday photoshoot doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to photograph the birthday party – it may be that you hire a professional photographer for a photo session to celebrate your birthday.

This is often done at a specific age – depending on the culture; it can be when you turn 15, 16, 18 or 21 because it’s when you’re considered an adult. However, nothing is stopping you from doing it on any given birthday.

A photo shoot is also a great gift idea to wish someone a happy birthday.

18. Include photo props

Credit: Davide De Giovanni

There are tons of birthday photo shoot props on the market – from champagne balloons to birthday party hats.

However, you can get more creative and use color smoke bombs, soap bubbles and other fun accessories. Also, consider that you can DIY some props that reflect your style.

19. Experiment with light

Credit: Ron Lach

Not all photoshoot ideas need to have some elaborate production – you can get some fantastic photos just by using different lights.

Try doing moody portraits using the cake candles as the primary light source, or go out on the town and use neon lights to illuminate your subject.

20. Practice posing

Credit: Vlada Karpovich – Senior posing

Before the big day, practise some poses in front of the mirror – this will help you loosen up in front of the camera during the photoshoot.

21. Take a picture of the cake

Credit: Phạm Thành Dạt

Put your food photography skills to work and capture some amazing pictures of the birthday cake.

22. Generation reunion

Credit: Robert Stokoe

When there’s family involved, one of the best birthday photo shoot ideas is to capture the different generations—for example – grandmother, mother and granddaughter.

23. Get creative

Credit: Vlada Karpovich

The best birthday photoshoot is one that’s original and creative. Let yourself go and have fun. Feel free to experiment with the poses, the light, and the props.

24. Age sign

Credit: владимир-васильев

Birthday photoshoots are meant to serve as memories – as time goes by, it can be difficult to remember which photos were made for which birthday. So, adding props that mark the age makes identifying what you were celebrating easier.

There are tons of props to mark this – from number balloons to the candles for the birthday cake. Of course, you can get as creative as you want.

25. Opening the presents

Credit: Vlada Karpovich

Another beautiful picture is to capture the moment they’re opening the presents. You can focus on the hands and the unwrapping or the surprise expression in the receiver.

26. The afterparty

Credit: Ylanite Koppens

After a birthday party is not so much fun to clean up, but it does make an original photo idea. The mess of the afterparty reflects how much fun you had during the celebration.

27. Toss the confetti

Credit: Cottonbro

Confetti poppers are awesome for birthday pictures – they feel the scene with colors and vibrance. Play with them and capture the best moment with burst shooting and a fast shutter speed.

If you don’t have any confetti poppers, toss confetti with your hands or use an electric fan.

28. Get a makeup artist for you and your guests

Credit: Rodnae Productions

Face painting and dressing up is part of the fun. Many people think it’s only for kids’ parties, but it makes amazing images, so why not do it at adults’ birthday parties too?

This can often be a great idea when doing a best friends’ photoshoot, with all the friends having similar crazy makeup applied.

29. Make a themed birthday photoshoot

Credit: Pixabay

Themed photoshoots are great to get family and friends involved and get creative. You can choose anything that fits your personality and style – it may be a specific decade, a movie, or even a color.

30. Find a beautiful location

Credit: Koolshooters

Pick your favorite location to make an extra special photoshoot. Have you ever wanted to party on a boat? This is your chance! Do you want to do it at a nightclub, an amusement park, at the top of the mountain? The possibilities are endless – think outside the box for a unique setting.

31. Make room for the unexpected

Vicki Yde

Don’t forget that even the most prepared photoshoot can go wrong – so embrace the unexpected and make the most out of every opportunity. The most important thing is to have fun!

Final Words

I hope this selection of birthday photoshoot ideas has got your creative juices flowing.

Remember that when it’s a birthday celebration, there are no set rules – especially if it’s your special day. Feel free tot think outside the box and make some memorable pictures of you and your closest friends.

So, which one is your favorite best birthday photoshoot idea? Let us know in the comments – we’d love to hear from you.

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