1More’s ComfoBuds Mini might just be the world’s smallest ANC true wireless earbuds

Noise-cancelling wireless earbuds are an amazing invention, but a lot of them aren’t half chunky. 

On the opposite end of the spectrum are 1More’s ComfoBuds Mini True Wireless earbuds, which its maker is calling the world’s smallest ANC buds. Each weighs no more than 3.7g and at 17x13mm they’re smaller than a couple of glass marbles, so it’s very likely you’ll forget you’re even wearing the things. 

The ComfoBuds Mini might be small, but their feature set is anything but. You get active noise cancellation up to 40dB, and if the maximum ANC mode is shutting out a bit too much of the outside world there’s also a second, milder option. You also get a full transparency mode and one that specialises in wind noise resistance. 

The ComfoBuds Mini support Sonarworks’ SoundID algorithm software, which creates a personalised sound profile for the wearer, and within the 1More Music app you’ll find 30 soothing sounds to relax to, as well as a gaming mode that reduces lag and lip sync issues when you’re watching YouTube videos. 

Total battery life is 24 hours and the buds support both USB-C fast-charging and Qi wireless charging through the case. A 10-minute charge returns 80 minutes’ worth of juice. The ComfoBuds Mini have an IPX5 water resistance rating so are very much morning run-ready to boot. 

They’re available to buy from Amazon in the UK and cost £93. If you buy directly from 1More you’re looking at $100, and the company is offering $15/£15 off for first 30 days following the launch using the discount code ‘ComfoMini15’. 

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