£100 Apple Watch 6 price drop kickstarts Amazon’s Cyber Monday sale

Amazon is known for dropping some pretty hefty discounts from time to time, with no prior warning. Just like this stupendous discount of up to £110 on the Apple Watch Series 6 Cellular model!

In an Amazon UK deal that’s currently ongoing, you can get the Apple Watch 6 Cellular 44mm aluminium model in blue for just £399 – a very healthy £110 price drop.

It’s worth pointing out that the Apple Watch Series 6 is last year’s model (though technically from 2020/2021). That said, it’s still a smartwatch worth picking up, and especially at this price point.

There aren’t too many differences between the two models. Series 7 comes in the larger 45mm size with a bigger screen to go alongside it. You’ll also find faster charging, a new processor, and some other minor tweaks. Series 6 still offers Blood Oxygen monitoring, alongside a whole sweep of other features. You can’t go far wrong with this one!

Alternatively, you can save £60 on the non-cellular Apple Watch Series 6 in Deep Navy for a more timeless and arguably refined wearable aesthetic.

Or, if you want the absolute latest Apple Watch on your wrist, then there’s a cheeky £20 discount on the Apple Watch Series 7 right now – it’s only a 5% price cut, but we’d still rather have it than not!

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